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Full Maintenance Service for commercial and residential properties

Full Landscape Maintenance

- Mowing, Hard Edging, Soft Edging

- Blowing off drive-ways, patios, and    walkways

- Lawn and shrub fertilization

- Weed control

- Leaf and small debris removal

- Pruning of all shrubs, bushes, and      trees under 10ft.

- Irrigation winterization and spring turn-  on.

General Clean-ups or Additional Services:

General Clean-ups and Pre-Sale Clean-ups

We offer a variety of clean-ups depending on your needs. A large percentage of home buyers decide whether or not to look inside a house or take it seriously based on its curb appeal—the view they see when they drive by or arrive for a showing. You can help make sure they want to come inside your house by working on the exterior appearance.




Fertilization, Grass over-seeding, Aeration, and Thatching

-Fertilization is important for a green healthy lawn as well as healthy plants, shrubs, and trees. Fertilization also helps to prevent disease and  insect infestation.

-Grass over-seeding is an effective way to fix a patchy lawn, increase the density of the grass, and improve the color of your lawn. 

-Aeration is the process of making small holes in the lawn for better nutrition absorption, water drainage, and air circulation to contribute to new root growth for a healthier lawn. 

-Thatching is getting rid of thatch build-up or better known as dead grass in  your lawn. Leaving thatch build-up can prevent moisture, oxygen, and  nutrition from reaching the soil. It can also cause lawn disease and over population of insects. 

Bark dust, Gravel, and River Rock

Whether it's a first time application or a fresh layer, nothing dresses up landscaping like new bark.

- We also spread stone, gravel, and river-rock to create walk ways, drive-ways, freshening up dry rivers and water features, and adding to your landscape.

Hedge Trimming

- From clipping back the latest growth to precision topiary shaping, we have the tools and expertise to do the job right.

Irrigation Testing and Repair

- We test sprinkler system to ensure full water coverage of your bushes, shrubs, tree's and lawn, and repair damaged pipes, heads, nozzles, and valves. this will help your yard stay moisturized and healthy. Keeping your sprinkler system working efficiently also translates to conserving water and reduced cost on your water bill.


Pressure washing

- We can pressure wash driveways, patios, walkways, and stairs for a fresh, clean look.

Planting Seasonal Annuals

- Want to add some color to your personal yard, apartment, or business property ?

- We plant a variety of seasonal annuals in the Spring, summer, and even fall/winter. They will add beauty to your landscape.

Removal of Shrubs, Smaller trees, and Stump grinding

- We can remove any unwanted or dead shrubs and small trees. We can also grind down any unwanted stumps taking up room in your yard.

Fence Installation and Repairs

- From Installing a brand new fence to repairing or replacing your old broken fence, we have experts that can build beautiful fences that give much privacy and security.






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